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Casper is one of the worst SMS strategies we've ever seen

Casper is the online mattress startup that launched in 2014 and quickly became a social media phenomenon. We all know Casper for their innovative marketing campaigns and mattress-in-a-box model.

One of the more recent marketing tactics of the DTC mattress company that has raised $340m is their SMS strategy. Sadly, this strategy is not at the same level as what we have come to expect from Caspers marketing department.

Caspers SMS strategy mostly focuses on delivering customer service. However, on closer inspection their solution was slow, disconnected and impersonal. We tested out their service and had to wait 24 hours for any sort of response (🀯). As the basis of Casper using SMS as an instant customer service option, this really defeats the object. Alongside this, the responses were rigid and clearly on a simple automated service.

Once we managed to get in touch with the Casper team trying to find out which of their products most suited us, we were immediately redirected to call a product consultant as they couldn't help us out with a recommendation (🀯x2). This was pretty much the end of a terrible experience.


It is no surprise that we are not along in this poor experience, as we found this great breakdown by Kristen LaFrance on Twitter describing her own experience with Casper SMS service.

PSA: Do not replicate the above.

What we think: Coming from Casper we were honestly expecting (far) better. More than anything, it's really a good example on what not to do.

Key Takeaways


  • Lack of tone of voice and authenticity

Unlike Verb or Empathy wines, Caspers responses were generic, rigid and (at best) boring.

  • No value to consumers

The key value to a customer using the SMS customer support option is an instant response. With Casper we waited 24 hours to then be told to call πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  • No brand Identity

Casper is one of the most well know, well branded DTC brands in the world. However, none of this brand equity or identity has been filtered into their SMS strategy in any way. Here's how we think about brand Identity in an SMS strategy.



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