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Equal Parts created a live "text-a-chef" series

Equal Parts combines cookware with expert guidance to help you stay inspired and enjoy home cooking. They sell a range of premium pots, pans, cutlery, and utensils designed for modern living. Equal Parts are one of the first 2 brands built from the previously omni-present DTC branding studio, Ginlane (Now Pattern Brands).

Interestingly, the way that Equal Parts uses SMS is unlike many other brands that focus on marketing and reach, rather focusing on engagement and retention. Their “text-a-chef” experience is designed to enable 1:1 connection with a specialist chef to bring together ingredients you have in the kitchen into a delicious meal.

Equal Parts don’t use a bot to drive their communication via SMS, but rather use human connection on each and every text. Although there is natural drawbacks here in terms of scale, the experience becomes far more “human” and engaging. Additionally, when you message Equal parts you’re speaking directly to a chef with experience, humility and teachings that you could never replicate in a chatbot.

Equal Parts have built their SMS strategy to be part of their retention of customers. When a customer purchases one of their (expensive) items, having direct access to a quality chef not only then re-affirms and justifies the purchase, but also increases the overall experience. Every time you go to cook with that pan, you know that if you’re in need of a hand with that recipe or those ingredients, they’re just a message away. Based on this experience, Equal Parts have increased the emotional connection to something as inanimate as a metal cooking pan or kitchen utensil, which has a direct affect on purchasing other items in their set, or looking out for their next release.

Their “Text-a-chef Series”

Not only do Equal Parts have members of their team that are on-hand to offer guidance and advice via SMS to their customers, but they are also using their text-a-chef experience as a platform to partner with up-and-coming chefs across the US to share their wisdom with Equal Part’s customer base. Every few weeks across the global lock-down, Equal Parts partnered with chefs to take the mic of their SMS platform and speak directly to their community and get something whipped up.


What we think:

  • Although the use of human-to-human messaging lacks scale, Equal Parts enable a closer relationship than any other experience we’ve seen
  • Equal Parts doubles down with content in the form of recipes and ingredient tips and tricks to keep their audience engaged post-purchase
  • Use their text-a-chef experience as a platform for other chefs across the country to engage and share their wisdom with their customer base

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