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Judy's "Emergency Readiness" SMS strategy

Judy sells a collection of kits designed to prepare you for everything you would need in either a natural disaster or home emergency. These kits contain essentials from batteries and emergency drinking water, to multi-tools and duct tape.

In addition to the great marketing and branding, Judy uses SMS marketing to bring value to their audience through useful tips and tricks when encountered with an emergency. Unlike other brands blasting consumers with spam SMS messages, Judy wants to help you - just like a friend should in the event of an emergency. Let's take a look at how they capture phone numbers and their overall strategy with SMS.

Getting Customers to sign up

Judy is all in on text messages. There are multiple elements on their website that communicate this and invite visitors to sign up to their text messaging list.

The first thing you see when you visit their site is a pop-up inviting you to sign up to their "informational" text messages (along with a very cool animation that looks like a flashlight). SMS signup on website.png?width=770&name=JUDY SMS signup on website.png

As you scroll down you'll come across a section dedicated to text messaging with the CTA as "Text us your preparedness questions and have it answered in real-time by our leading experts".

The copy focuses on the value they bring you: this service is for you, not the other way around. In addition to the structured copy, they've added a video that breaks down exactly how Judy will message you and what to expect. As a visitor, you understand immediately what you're signing up for with no disappointing surprises. This is really important as it's harder to get on board when you're unsure of what you're signing up for. This also a great opportunity for Judy to be transparent and avoid and build immediate trust with their audience. SMS on homepage.png?width=882&name=JUDY SMS on homepage.png

For Judy's audience, those messages are a dream come true in an area where they likely have very little experience. Having someone respond to their apocalypse-related questions and get tailored suggestions depending on where they live is an extreme value add to their product range.

Another way Judy collects phone numbers and creates awareness around your SMS service is various posts on their social media. They do this through well designed video and copy to communicate how useful their SMS service is.

Judy's Text Messages

Let's dig into Judy's use of text messages. Judy uses SMS to communicate 2 key points. Firstly, they educate customers after a purchase on some of the best uses of their kits. This is extremely important to reduce any buyers remorse and enable customers to get the most out of Judy's products. Once of the really interesting elements to their education messages, is that they ask customers for their zip code to tailor specific content to specific geographies.

Secondly, Judy use SMS to sell new products or launches to their subscribers. Below is an example of the kind of copy Judy uses when launching a new product - in this case "The Safety" kit designed specifically for COVID-19. Judy covers all bases a consumer considers when purchasing a new product, describing the contents of the kit, best uses, and a link to purchase.

Note: This product release was extremely timely - just as the pandemic struck and consumers were searching for a way to protect themselves.

Judy has done a great job of making their SMS experience seamless. However, a key friction point here is the CTA re-direct to a checkout - which inevitably leads to poor conversion. See the breakdown of one of the other tools we've analysed, Blueprint, to see how they've created a experience that enables subscribers to purchase products via SMS just by messaging "Hey, can I get one of those?" without the need for a redirect.

Key Takeaways

  • Signing up 📝

      Have dedicated sections and CTAs on your website and social media communicating your text     messaging service to drive sign-ups.

  • Provide value first 🎁

     Focus on providing your customers value through useful content or products to build trust before selling a product.

  • Tailor the experience to every customer ✂️

      Judy require Zip Code verification to build a more personalised customer experience

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