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Moment’s community and conversation is the best we’ve seen, but their in-channel conversion needs work

Beverage brand Moment sells canned drinks filled with natural ingredients proven to boost your mental wellbeing. When we heard they were running a ‘secret’ meditation club via SMS we were eager to check it out. 

They weren’t lying about the ‘secret’ part - it’s really not as easy as it could be to sign up to the group. At the bottom of the product page on Moment’s website you’ll find this short piece of copy: 

Source: Moment

For a wellness brand, the concept of a meditation club is a fun, relevant idea - but they could do more to compel customers to subscribe here. 

Anyone looking at this page doesn’t really know what they’re signing up to. Perhaps the mystery is part of the appeal for some, but it could equally be a turn off for others. And as we shall see, the actual SMS interaction with Moment once you’ve joined is great - so it’s really worth shouting about that value right from the off.

The acquisition of new numbers might also be improved by a simple one box form fill. Asking customers to make the first move in contacting you by typing a 10-digit number into their phones adds a layer of friction that could be avoided. 

That said, once you’ve actually subscribed, Moment’s SMS experience is impressive. Every day at the same time listers are sent a concise, attention grabbing message with a link to a free wellness video: 

Topics range from guided meditation, online yoga, wellness tips and feel good clips. Messages feel warm in tone, and although they are clearly bulk sent, the human touch behind them is evident - a great example of how it’s possible to achieve personalisation at scale. 

We received a message every day from Moment for a month and at no point did they try and sell to us. They deliver value to their audience in a way that builds community and tightly aligns with their brand. But that’s not to say they don’t convert - more on that shortly. 

The only quibble you could have with the messaging is that it’s not hugely visual. Moment might see further engagement if videos played in-channel, or at least used thumbnails or gifs to preview them. However, such media-rich messaging does cost more to send and can encounter delivery issues, which might be part of the reason they aren’t widely used here. 

If you tap a video link in the messages, you’re sent to a landing page on the brand’s website:

Source: Moment 

It’s important to note here that Moment don’t create their own content. Instead they take third party video and embed it on their site. 

This is smart for two reasons. First, they aren’t expending considerable resources producing daily wellness clips (a tall order for a small beverage brand). Second, despite not creating the content themselves, the traffic is still driven back to their website.

At the top right of each landing page there's a link to their online store, facilitating conversion whilst still not overtly selling. Whilst this buying journey isn’t perfect - none of it takes place within the SMS channel - it does deliver strong community engagement and revenue potential with bootstrapped marketing input.

Where Moment’s SMS strategy really comes into its own is during one-to-one interactions. As you can see from the screenshots below, we asked them a number of direct questions around product and payment via text:

Not only was each question answered almost immediately, the replies were helpful, and clearly came from a real person rather than a chatbot. 

This speed and authenticity of response is the best example of ‘conversational commerce’ we’ve reviewed to date. When you consider 83% of consumers now contact businesses before buying, and 86% of online shoppers actively prefer in-person support, this is a real differentiator for Moment. 

The brand did fall down when we tried to purchase, however. Having expressed an interest in buying a specific product, we were sent a generic link to their website. 

This is not only depersonalised, but also presents friction to a warm customer ready to buy. Much like the wellness videos themselves, the conversion element of Moment’s SMS strategy would have been better accomplished within the messaging channel itself. 

Key takeaways

Don’t sell, offer value - Provide your audience with relevant, value-packed messaging aligned to your brand. Resorting to spammy sales tactics is the quickest way to lose subscribers.

Make conversation the norm - Customers love speaking one-to-one with brands. Delivering timely, useful replies from a real person is a powerful differentiator. 

Keep it in channel - Whilst you want to convert, adding friction to the buying journey of interested customers is not the way to do it. 

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