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Supergoop! nail their education SMS series

Supergoop! is a high-end skincare brand dedicated to suncare, making it easy to incorporate UV protection into your daily routine and are on a mission to change the way people think about sunscreen.

Supergoop launched their text message service at the end of 2017. Once customers sign up for updates vis text, they receive regular messages covering sales, discount codes, reminders about abandoned carts and education on using SPF.

The SMS experience

Supergoop! started using text messaging to educate, drive sales, and create a new channel for two-way, real-time interactions with customers. They capture visitors phone numbers with an on site pop-up offering 15% discount to any new subscribers. Once a customers subscribes, they are automatically redirected to sms with a pre-populated text message to the Supergoop! brand number to receive their discount code.

What we think:Although the ease of signing up through a re-direct link and a pre-populated text message is a great experience, focusing purley on discounts as a driver for subscription sign-ups feels a little sell-y. Instead of de-valuing products with discounts, we prefer when brands create a sense of community and exclusiveness that only those who sign up will have access to. This not only builds brand equity but can greatly increase the number of sign-ups.



Educating subscribers

Unlike many other brands sending sporadic SMS content, Supergoop! has created an entire “Sun 101” series built for their SMS strategy. This series focuses on educating subscribers about the many different elements and benefits of protecting themselves against the sun and Supergoop!'s protects can help.

Sun 101


What we think: We love it when brands aren't just trying to get another sale out of their customers. Just like Judy educates its customers on how to survive a pandemic and how to use their products, Supergoop! is educating their customers on skin care and sun protection. Whenever you can add value to your customers, do it. Not only does it help you build brand equity and trust but is likely to result in higher sale conversion.

Abandoned cart flow

Supergoop! have also created an abandoned cart SMS strategy for customers that have dropped off at checkout. SMS abandoned cart flows have shown to result in up to 20% more conversions than a traditional email abandoned cart flow.

Abandoned cart reminder


What we think: The text message itself could have been more personalised to the customer with a friendlier tone of voice (see Verb ton of voice) or a focus on the relevant product in the cart itself. However, the fact that Supergoop! are innovating with SMS abandoned cart flows vs traditional emails is a great first step. See our breakdown of the 3 key elements to a highly converting SMS abandoned cart flow.


As said previously, Supergoop!'s SMS strategy is largely focused on sending offers to their subscribers. They also claim to only send a maximum of 2 SMS messages a week to their subscriber base.


What we think: Aaaah...offers! One of the easiest (and cheap!) tactics for brands is to send offers to their customer base and hope to see their sales increase. However, this lazy strategy likely comes at the cost of your brand image and devalues your product range. We believe a more balanced strategy is to focus on delivering value to your customers (see example case study) prior to any sale of offer communication.

Some of the data:

After researching Supergoop! for this case study, we came across some of the data from their SMS strategy: "Overall, SMS marketing has delivered 30x+ ROI. For Supergoop!. Average revenue per SMS subscriber is nearly 2x that of email subscribers. On average, our automated text messages have an 80% CTR and a very strong conversion rate."

Key Takeaways


  • Signing up

Supergoop! creating a seamless signing-up experience through their use of a pre-loaded SMS and redirect from their website. This removes the need for subscribers to enter their number and replaces with a single click.

  • Educational content

We really liked Supergoop!'s "Sun 101" series as it focused on demystifying sun protection and increased understanding of their product range.

  • SMS abandoned cart flow

Supergoop!'s abandoned cart flow was a step in the right direction towards a more 1:1 customer experience. However, they'll need to focus more on personalisation, relevancy and timeliness of these messages to increase conversion. (Link to Blueprint Blog).


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