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Taika placed their number on the front of their packaging. Does it work?

Taika is a D2C beverage startup creating functional ready-to-drink coffee. Taika is a blend of coffee and adaptogens that balance caffeine's highs and lows for a smooth, clear experience.

Straight way, Taiki innovate with their phone number as the most focal point of their packaging. This creates intrigue and prompt users to message and engage with the brand. This tactic also creates a real sense of transparency to the customer - where other traditional consumer goods brands actively hide their direct lines as much as possible to conversation. Taika goes against the grain and signals to the user that they are open, friendly and ready to assist.

What we think: We love this approach straight off the bat. Although we can't speak to the efficacy in terms of conversion or engagement, it builds brand equity and trust amongst consumers immediately.

Taiki differentiate themselves from incumbent beverage brands by connecting with their customer base on a deeper level. They use SMS as both a customer support solution, and a marketing channel.

For example, for all wholesale and stockist enquiries - prospective buyers are prompted to text the brand and have a conversation (vs the traditional email experience). For consumers, Taika promises to answer any questions via text. However, by the conversation we had with members of the Taika team, their SMS channel is far from a traditional customer support solution.


What we think: Taika's SMS strategy is great for brand building and support. We love the fact that the replies are funny, "on brand" and reflect their playful tone of voice.

However, despite SMS clearly being a key element of their overall strategy, they miss 3 important steps in a complete solution. Firstly, there is a complete lack of communication of what to expect from the service (unlike Judy or Empathy wines) on their website. Secondly, there is no ability for customers to purchase through their SMS solution, everything is redirected back to their site (something that Blueprint offers in-channel). Lastly, it seems there is a huge opportunity, that's currently being missed, to educate customers on the differences between Taiki and other coffee brands through educational content.

Key Takeaways

  • Packaging innovation

Taiki instantly take their SMS strategy to the next level by placing their brand number front and centre on their packaging.

  • Playful tone of voice

Our experience speaking with the Taiki team was fun, useful and engaging. We're unsure how this scales as clearly there was no bot integration.

  • Missed opportunity through educational content

With such a differentiated product offering, Taiki seem to be missing a trick on educating their audience on their ingredients, how the product is made, and best uses.

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