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Verb Energy was the best SMS experience we tested out

Verb Energy creates a range of DTC high-caffeine energy bars that you can purchase via SMS. We were excited to research and critique Verb having heard a lot of great reviews and news surrounding their SMS strategy.

Initially when visiting the Verb website, we were surprised to find the only place that mentioned their brand number was right at bottom of the site on the footer. This seemed strange for a brand that is extremely focused on SMS as a core part of their strategy. Based on this, we jumped in and tested their solution.

Immediately the tone of voice from Verb was welcoming and friendly. They applied a special discount for us based on our conversation happening on SMS, and directed us to a trial landing page to complete an order.

The landing page communicated how their SMS service works for a customer and focused on transparency vs locking you into a purchase without clear communication. How It Works.png?width=572&name=Verb How It Works.png

What we think: We really value the transparency from Verb that fills a customer with confidence in what they're purchasing. They understand the importance of clear education of how their SMS strategy works for a customer, and focus on any issues that customers are unsure of.

Verb even add a fun and playful FAQ section describing sections of their SMS strategy and build yet more trust and brand equity. (Notice the last question 🐕) FAQs.png?width=570&name=Verb FAQs.png

This was really just the start of our experience with Verb. As soon as we purchased, their playful SMS content continued to expand and create a "community" feel with copy like "Welcome to the Verb family 🎉".

Once our order was shipped, Verb sent over SMS tracking details and reminded us of the delays caused by COVID-19. This was another example of the care and attention that was reflected in every SMS message received from the Verb team.

What we think: Verb were one of the only brands that have created an entire SMS strategy post-purchase. They excelled with friendly content, useful tracking details, and a direct line to their team. This not only increased the trust in Verb as a brand, but also started to build the excitement of receiving and trying their products.

Just as we were finishing our trial box, one of the Verb team sent us a message as a reminder of our upcoming order and how to pick a different flavour. This was unbelievably convenient, enabling an extremely flexible experience to cancel, edit or continue as planned. This solution was in complete contrast to many other subscription based services that focus far more on using shady tactics and a lack of communication to lock customers in. Through this, Verb continued to build trust and brand equity from us as a customer. River SMS-1.png?width=300&name=Verb River SMS-1.png

What we think: This extreme transparency and flexibility from Verb motivated us to continue purchasing with complete trust that they would create the best experience possible with every order. If any issues did occur, we knew they were just a message away.

As soon as we placed our next order we were met with the same friendly and approachable tone of voice that we had become accustomed to throughout our experience with Verb. Our excitement continues to build awaiting delivery...👅 Michelle Tanner-1.png?width=300&name=Verb Michelle Tanner-1.png

Key Takeaways

  • Lead with transparency

Every single touch-point we experience with Verb communicated transparency and trust and gave us confidence in every purchase.

  • Focus on every step of the customer journey

Unlike many other brand SMS strategies we've researched, Verb careful considered every touchpoint from pre-purchase support, delivery notifications and order confirmations, right through to continued purchasing after our trial box.

  • Build your unique tone of voice into every communication

Much like the above, every message we received from Verb reflected their playful and friendly tone of voice. Even "boring" messages like shipping details became a fun and useful experience.

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