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Sound’s SMS-enabled order modification offers great flexibility, but it’s badly missing a human touch

When we heard tea-infused beverage brand Sound was using SMS to enhance post-purchase CX we were excited to give it a try. 

The service offers subscription customers the chance to conveniently modify orders before monthly fulfillment. This flexibility is a really powerful acquisition driver, but Sound don’t do a great job of communicating this on their eCommerce site. 

In fact, the only mention of it is at checkout, where customers can opt-in to SMS as they enter delivery details, and even then context on what to expect is limited:

Source: Sound

By not highlighting the impressive functionality of their post purchase experience earlier in the buying journey, Sound miss an opportunity to add value to their proposition. 

Once you’re up and running though, order modification for ongoing subscriptions is slick. A simple bot flow allows customers to add additional one-time purchases, skip upcoming orders, change products or quantities and alter charging dates: 

Once the customer has decided upon a course of action, it’s also super easy to make the appropriate order changes, and updated shipment details are confirmed automatically (for the customer):

This flexibility is a breath of fresh air for consumers, who avoid the aggravation of a friction-filled email chain every time they want to change an order. For the merchant too, SMS cost effectively automates customer support - important for smaller DTC brands operating on tight budgets.  

Where this strategy falls down is in it’s lack of human touch. As a customer it’s fairly obvious you’re speaking to a bot - fine for simple requests but a challenge for more complex queries. Sound’s messaging is also pretty generic and does little to convey a unique tone of voice. 

There’s also no attempt to add value beyond order modification in-channel. Sharing relevant content or running retention focussed community building plays are just two examples of how this could be improved.

Key takeaways 

Communicate the value of your SMS channel high up the purchasing funnel

Functionality enabled by SMS isn’t just a post-acquisition CX driver, but a key part of your value prop which should be shouted about early in the customer journey. 

Flexibility is gold dust to consumers 

Brands who deliver flexibility via the convenience of SMS massively stand out from those still offering admin heavy email support.  

Don’t forget the human touch 

The power of SMS goes way beyond bot-based, post-purchase support. It’s a channel to develop long-term brand-customer relationships through 1:1 chat, valuable content and community engagement. 

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